Fast 1-53 Thieving guide for DT

Date: 26/11/2019

This guide will cover the fastest ways to get 53 Thieving for Desert Treasure. This forms the longest and most tedious requirement of the Desert Treasure quest. The most efficient way to get 53 Thieving will be through a mixture of quests and manual training.

Starting Out

To begin with, compete the Tourist Trap quest. Not only is this a requirement for Desert Treasure, but the quest will give you 2 XP lamps of 4650xp each. Using both of these will bring you to level 26 from level 1. From here on, there are several quests one can do to gain further xp. Fight arena will provide 2175 xp and is fairly quick to complete. Biohazard also provides 1250 xp and is good quest to complete for those who wish to cannon Ogres at the combat training camp. These quests will bring you to level 29.

For those who would prefer to use skill lamps on other skills like Agility or not quest, the quickest way would be to do 1-5 Thieving on level 2 men/women. Then head to Ardougne and steal from the cake stall until level 25.

How to get 15% Hosidius favour and unlock Fruit Stalls

The next step is to gain 15% favour in the Hosidius house in Zeah. This will allow us to thieve from Fruit Stalls. In a nutshell the way to achieve this is to head to the ploughfields in the Hosidius house with a hammer and push the plough until you get 5% favour. Then buy 150 salpetre and 150 buckets of compost and combine them to produce Sulphurous fertiliser. Then give the fertiliser to the clerk to attain 15% favour. You can now thieve from Fruit stalls!

There are 2 fruit stalls in the eastern most build in the Hosidius house. By stealing from one and dropping between game ticks you can expect between 30-35K xp per hour. However the best way to do this is use both stalls. Steal from one stall, drop 1 food and steal from the next and repeat. This will allow you to gain approximately 40-42K xp per hour. For the purposes of this guide, we will require to level from 29 to 30 for now.

The Feud Quest

With level 30 Thieving we can now complete The Feud quest. This is a 15-20 minute quest which will give you 15K xp aswell as access to the blackjacking training method which will be explored later in this guide. After the completion of this quest, you will be at around level 37 Thieving.

Now return back to the fruit stalls and continue to thieve from both stalls (or just the one) until you are level 45 Thieving. You also have the option to start thieving from Master Farmers at level 38, however I find this to be an infuriating medium to train thieving and prefer stalls. 37 to 45 should take a bit more than an hour at Fruit Stalls.

Blackjacking for the best XP rates

At 45 Thieving we are able to pickpocket level 41 Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits through blackjacking. This is amongst the fastest xp in the game, albeit very tedious. However it is worth it and with correct instruction you should not struggle to get it down.
The essence of blackjacking is to knockout an enemy, perform 2 pickpockets, knock out again and repeat this process. It has the potential to give huge xp rates when done correctly. Firstly take about 50K coins, noted wines and head to Pollinivnich. Then lure a level 41 bearded bandit into a room and shut the curtains to prevent anymore NPCs from entering. Now we are ready to begin blackjacking and I will denote the process intuitively.

Click knockout on the bandit once. If successful, the bandit will be on the floor saying "zzz". Then in quick succession click pickpocket twice. You should see 2 xp drops of 65 xp. Once the bandit is up you will then knock out and click pickpocket twice. Note if you fail a knockout, the bandit will attack you thus rendering you unable to pickpocket anymore. To remedy this, as soon as you fail a knockout click pickpocket. This will cancel the bandits attack and you can continue to blackjack. Refer to the gifs if the process does not make sense.

If you are not interested in blackjacking from 45 onwards, Fruit Stalls remain a viable option and should take 2-3 hours till 53. Similar rates can be expected at Master Farmers, and slightly more at Pyramid Plunder. However blackjacking can produce up to 70K per hour XP and it is suggested you learn the rubric for it.

In conclusion this should provide a rather simple means to get 53 Thieving for Desert Treasure.