Best accounts builds in OSRS

Date: 14/11/2019

Combat is one of the finer components of RuneScape and forms the basis of the PvP game. One can manipulate the combat triangle and combat calculations to produce powerful builds.


Ones combat level is composed of the following stats: Attack, Strength, Defence, Prayer, HP, Ranged, Magic. By focusing on a certain stat, powerful and advantageous builds can be developed. However most notably Defence is the stat around which accounts are developed.

Other than stats, PvP account builds will make use of non-tradable items and prayers such as Barrow gloves, Fighter Torso or the Rigour prayer. Let us consider the accounts most popular in PvP today.

1 Defence Pures

The most common account build is the 1 Defence pure. These are accounts that completely omit the benefits of defence for a more offensive stance. Often these accounts will be of a fixed attack level, Prayer can vary from 1 to 52 (for Smite). Here are a list of common 1 Defence pures.

N.B: Quests usually completed by 1 Defence pures include Animal Magnetism, Desert Treasure, Recipe for Disaster (up to mithril gloves), Horror from the Deep. These give access to items like Ava's Accumulator, various God books and Ancient magic spells like Ice Barrage.

Prayer is kept to ones taste. Many will choose to stay 1 Prayer, especially in the lower combat brackets. Some may want to get 31 Prayer for the 15% strength boost by ultimate strength. For others, 43-52 prayer may be more viable allowing access to all 3 protection prayers, eagle eye for 15% ranged boost and also Smite.

40-45 Defence (Rune pures & Zerkers)

The next set of accounts are based around 40-45 Defence. These accounts train defence in return for access to BiS un-tradable items like Fighter Torso, Barrow gloves or Rune Defender. There are 3 main accounts in this bracket:

Prayer is generally kept above 43 and most commonly at 52 to access smite. Some zerkers may choose to get 55 to access the spirit shield and many end game zerkers get 99.

Piety and Barrow pures

The final range of PvP builds are the Piety and Barrow pures. Both of these respectively have 70 Defence and Prayer however the two are not mutually intelligble. Both serve different purposes as below:

NB: A well planned Piety/Barrows pure will be quested to at least 176 QPs for Barrow gloves with Piety unlocked. An Infernal cape is essential in this combat bracket.

Prayer is usually kept to 70, however Rigour and Augury can be unlocked at 74 and 77. Rigour boosts Ranged Attack by 20%, Ranged Strength by 23%, and Defence by 25%. While Augury boosts Magic Attack and Defence by 25%.

Unorthodox builds

In addition to all the above, some account builds occur less commonly primarly due to the amount of time/experience needed to build them:

There are many types of accounts you can build in RuneScape. However an account is not a true PvP account without an Infernal Cape. Get in touch with us if you are interested in a fine remote Infernal Service!